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FAQ 2WebCriação

The Basic package has a number of 3 pages included
• Home Page
• Services Page
• Contact Page

However, we will make the pages that are needed for your new website
You can have as many emails as you need

However, the Basic package has 1 professional email included
You can have your own choice of hosting service and domain name you want

Or, we can also help you choose these services. We partner with some of the best hosting and domain name services.

With 2WebCriação, you will have the advantage of having the best values, services and promotional discounts for hosting and domain name services
Depending on the complexity of your new website, the delivery time for new websites is 5 days

A website renewal lasts 3 days (depending on the complexity of the renewal)
You can fill out and send a form on our contact page
Click on this LINK to fill out our Form

We will respond as soon as possible
1- The first step is to contact us

2- Tell us what content is needed for your website, whether you want to include products or services

You can provide texts, images or photos

3- We will send you a PDF design with the look of your new website
With 2WebCriação, all the Websites we create or renew are visible on all screens of mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops

Nowadays websites are accessed more by smartphones, and all websites need to be compatible with all mobile devices
Fortunately, 2WebCriação has good SEO (Rank) analysis techniques to make your Website stand out from the competition.

You can use our SEO services that include powerful tools and reach the top of searches more easily
Count on 2WebCriação to renew your old website to become more modern and dynamic